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JA aluminium and Glass range of high-quality aluminium & Glass Doors and Windows offer the perfect balance between style and functional features.

Choose from a number of types including more traditional options such as sliding or hinged aluminium doors, or the contemporary design sensibilities of a bi-fold door.

Products can be combined to great effect with a range of attractive aluminium windows and safety screens, barrier screens or fly screens. Service is available in NSW.

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  1. Sliding Door
  2. Hinged & Pivot Doors
  3. Bi-fold Doors
  4. Wardrobe Doors

J.A. Aluminium & Glass is offering you a wide range of high-quality aluminium & glass doors and windows. Our products display a perfect balance between style and functionality. Perhaps you are building a new house or revamping an old one or maybe you want your home to have a more modern and classy look, then our aluminium and glass doors and windows are a must. Alternatively, maybe you are searching for a modern, professional-looking and sleek look for your office, shop or any other commercial area. Well, search no further as our products will give your establishment a look you desire.

As far as durability is concerned, our glass & aluminium doors and windows will last longer than typical windows or doors. Furthermore, our products will be exempt from risks like rust, termites and other environmental factors like moisture. In the long run installing our products will be cheaper than typical doors and windows.

There is a wide and varied range of products available at J.A. Aluminium & GlassYou can make your choice from different types and styles, including traditional options like sliding or hinged doors and windows, or you may like the contemporary design of a bi-fold door. Different options are also available for your wardrobes.

We will match our products with the theme of your home or commercial establishment. The decor of your home or establishment will be elevated to a significant effect by varied offerings of windows, safety screens, and barrier screens or fly screens.

What makes J.A. Aluminium & Glass different than others is quality products and excellent service. All of the products offered by us are in regulation with Australian safety standards. At J.A. Aluminium & Glass we pride ourselves in the quality of our products, professionalism of our employees and high caliber service.  We have products available from economical options to more high-end ones.

Once you have made your choice and placed an order your shipment will be delivered to you in the shortest possible time and without any complications. Our services are available in New South Wales.

Whenever you are in need of quality aluminium & glass doors and windows J.A. Aluminium & Glass is your best option.

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