Stacker Doors



Stacker Doors

At our store, a wide variety of stacked doors are being made available at your disposal. Our stacked door is a perfect product for anyone looking for a functional and practical option for lack of space or someone looking to install a door where they want uninterrupted openings without opening the whole door.

Our product is usually used for access to patio, bathrooms or anywhere minimal use of space is needed. A stacked door has an advantage over sliding door when uninterrupted access to an area is to be granted. The stacked doors are divided into panels which are then stacked on top of each other. At least one of the panels is fixed.  Because of this, they can give access to an area without opening the whole door.

Stacker Doors
Stacker Doors

Our products are a favorite of interior designers and constructors alike. Interior designers find it very convenient and useful to choose from the variety of products available at our store. They can select their desired choice for their desired interior design theme. After making a choice, they can place an order, where our talented and friendly operators help them guide to make a successful purchase.

Constructors prefer our products to others because they are good in quality, sturdy and long-lasting. They are also easy to install, which makes it a convenient option for them.Our product can be used to make sections of a spacious space while allowing access to each section. It’s an excellent alternative to sliding or pocket doors. Large restaurants, shopping malls, and conference halls will find our products to be very helpful to them.

Once installed, our doors can be kept opened to allow for uninterrupted access or closed to disallow access to a restricted area.We have a variety of frames available in different design, sizes, and colors. The frames provide a solid exterior to the inner glass of the stacking doors. Choosing a door with the right frame is an essential factor while buying. With our collection of doors and frames, you will be able to select your desired product freely.

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