There are many types of windows available in markets. Custom made these windows are unique in their style, designs and provide architectural solutions. They may be made up of timber, u PVC or aluminium glass. Aluminium made ones are the best solution for all type of projects. There are many types of these available in Australian markets. They include Sliding, Awning, Double Hung, Casement, Bi-folding and Louvre windows. One must buy those with better-opening systems like sliding and bi-folding systems.

Material is the most important characteristic of any building. Better material gives better strength and better look. Both the aluminium and uPVC made ones are more durable and need a bit of maintenance. Aluminium ones are better when one talks about weather resistivity. They are also highly secure, highly insulated, thermally efficient and provide termite resistance. They are also resistive to corrosion, wind and have maximum water tightness.

Aluminium Windows made sliding ones are thought to be practical. They are simple and cost-effective. It has a large glass area. Due to clean lines and sliding of sashes give better ventilation. Awning ones are top hinged and cover a large area. As their opening is large enough they provide better airflow. Moreover, they are beneficial for windy and rainy seasons. They open from the bottom and let air into the room. Double hunged ones are also practical. They have no part that opens outward. Therefore they are used in the building where there is an external space restriction. Warm air gets out from sliding top and the cooler air gets in through bottom sashes. For opening a room to outwards and taking advantage of breeze cross casement windows are thought to be best.

These windows mostly used glazed glasses. Therefore are very durable and strong. Moreover, there is a wide range of styles and designs of all these windows. Some of these are custom built and have channels for rainwater flow. One may consider his/her money while buying. He must go for the proper design, style and frame fitted. Most frames have screens fitted in them. Manufacturers also have teams for provision of various services. One may not need to hire someone else as the manufacturer’s teams are available for installation purposes.