Louvre Windows



Louvre Windows

Louvre Windows

Louvre window is the one with a shutter or window blind with horizontal or vertical slats and these angled so that they allow light and air to enter but blocks rain and direct sunshine. It allows air flow up to hundred percent of the window area. The blades or slates are adjustable and the flow of air is controlled through them by changing their position. The blades can turn 180 degrees and let as much air as possible to enter the room. One of the greatest advantages is that the louvers can be easily cleaned form one side due to 180 degree rotation.

Louvre Windows

Aluminium made louvre windows can be opened or closed with a very small effort. This also ensures one’s security as aluminium is strong enough as compared to timber or glass. These Windows can be used in kitchen, living rooms, and even in balconies.

Some Of The Features Of These Windows Are Followings

Beautiful styles can be adopted by using aluminium blades over glass, this controls the shade and incident light rays from sun. Louvres with frosted glass enable us to keep privacy and are usually used in bathrooms. Thus we will be in no need to use curtains or blinds. Moreover they reduce condensation and stop moulding by allowing hot steamy air to escape out.

They are sleek and durable and are ideal for the rooms with low space. Aluminium frames for louvre windows now come in wide range of modern colors. There are many options for blades such as glass louvres, timber louvres and aluminium louvres windows. For security improvements manufactures have added optional security key locks and screens or security bars. Some are designed with a drainage channel for prevention from wind and water.

One usually considers his economic condition before buying things. The price of these windows depends on the size, style and manufacturing material used. There are many brands that manufacture louvres i.e. Naco Louvres, Bladelok Louvres, Trimline Louvres etc. Some may try to have a customized louvre windows, the price will vary according his/her demand. The price of   this type of windows with a size 152mm each blade ranges $400 to 1500 Australian dollars in Sydney. The variance in prize depends on the size i.e. height and width.

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The timber louvres are durable and less expansive. Glass louvers are a bit expansive, stylish and most of them are energy efficient. Variety of glass with different colors is being used in louvre windows. As compared to glass and timber louvre windows aluminium louvres have greater strength and durability. They have good insulation effects and resistive to corrosion. Aluminium made louvre windows don’t require advances tools for their maintenance. Due to their light weight, energy efficiency and corrosion resistance, these windows are not harmed seriously by changing weather conditions.

Louvre Windows

These are available world widely for example in Australia there are many manufacturing companies of such windows. They are available in a large range of colors. The glass being used in these have tinted and energy efficient options. Most of the companies test them independently for full compliance and ensure that these windows are of Australian standard.

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