Double Hung Windows



Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows

A double hung window is the one with two movable sashes that can move up and down and allow ventilation either from upside/downside or from both at the same time. These allow us to easily clean our rooms and are ideal for walkways. They are the most common windows used in Europe and USA. They have dividers which may divide individual panels of glass or snap on them. They can be operated easily and are traditional in their look.


Double Hung Windows

They have many advanced features. The materials used for their construction are Ja Aluminium Glass, fiberglass, vinyl and wood. Their compatibility with room designs and availability in various ranges of colors, sizes and designs make them unique. As they move up and down, therefore it can easily hold a AC unit with a screen if needed. They tilt on upper and lower sashes and enable us to clean them easily.

They are weather friendly and leaks a bit air or moisture. They have features that avoid heat to escape out and cold air to enter inside the room and hence eliminate the need of adjusting the thermostat.

Double Hung windows are available in large range of sizes. In Australia, their width ranges from 24 inches to 48 inches and their height ranges from 36 inches to 72 inches. However their materials matters a lot. For example Vinyl made double hung windows are not expensive but they wear out fast and then loose support. Fiberglass windows are weather resistive and provide insulation. As compared to above materials Aluminium made double hung windows are not that expensive but strong and greatly weather resistive.

For insulation purposes both double and triple paneled windows are used. The triple paneled hung windows provide more insulation as well as cost more than the double paneled ones. Usually the glasses being used in double hung windows are tempered and insulated ones. Tempered glass is durable than the standard glass, commonly being used in homes.Double hung windows are complex in their structure and thus require a lot of material for its manufacturing.


Double Hung Windows

In Australia there are double hung windows with higher durability and low maintenance is required. They have a high quality sash suspension systems for easy operations. They have integrated screens and full length under sill-flap to allow them for building settlement. Most secure and advances lock systems are fitted in these windows. They do have a large range of glass options to be used in double hung windows including clear, santilite, acid etched, translucent, grey tint and ultra grey glasses.

The screens used in them are fly screens, barrier screen with diamond grills and secure view barrier screens. A vinyl made double hung window cost almost $300 there. In general one can say that the cost ranges from $40 to $300.

But the cost can be raised or lowered depending on the size, type and manufacture design of the window.

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