Automatic Doors



Automatic Doors

Automatic doors at entrances have sensors that sense the presence of a person. They provide convenience and easy access to the old and disabled persons. Automatic doors are trending all over the world due to their unique features. They are available both as swinging and sliding doors. Moreover, they are compact and durable. They are customized with a variety of security and safety options. They are being used in offices, restaurants, home and especially in hospitals.e around.

These doors provide comfort to the customers in shopping malls and ease to patients and disabled persons in hospitals. They are environment loving as they don’t produce any creaking noise. For the addition of an extra dimension, these doors are being used. As these doors open and close automatically and reduce loss consumption of energy. Due to this feature, the temperature remains moderate inside.


The automatic operation makes doors more durable. Moreover, they need a bit of maintenance.Automatic doors are available in different designs. There are many types of automatic doors including automatic swinging and sliding doors. Other types include revolving and bi-folding automatic doors. Automatic swinging doors provide maximum space as they require a little space to open or close. They are mostly used on entry exits. While sliding doors consist of large and flat panels. The panels may slide horizontally or vertically. They are effective in case of stairs. Automatic revolving doors have folding leaves and are used mostly on emergency exits.

All type of these doors has very unique features. They are available in many designs and styles. Automatic doors are energy efficient due to their fast operation. Moreover, their thermal isolation in the axis of the building is ensured by manufacturers. Transparent glass is used in these doors. Due to transparency, one can easily view space around. They have safety sensors that make customers safe and secure. These doors have advanced activation sensors.

In Australia automatic bi-folding doors with 2 and 4-panel options are available. These doors have heavy-duty pivots and durable glass. The panels may fold in or out. Revolving doors have night closure options. They also have a speed reduction system useful for disabled ones. The sliding door is power saving.

They also have modes for their operation including hold open, automatic and manual modes. Swinging doors provide safety against accidental striking. They also have modes.

Automatic doors may use different materials like timber, wood and aluminium. Wood/timber me give them a natural look but aluminium is durable and strong. Moreover, aluminium is recyclable. However, aluminium requires both thermal and electrical insulation. For that manufacturers use a wide strip of poly amide to insulate it. Glazed glasses are used. However one can get customization automatic doors and windows. In Sydney, these doors cost almost in a range of $300 to $3000 depending on the design, type, material used and their operation.

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